Shorts05 - Migration at the crossroads | 2 (2021)

  • Shorts Collection
  • 1h 12m


Questioning the representation of migrant experience

Skrana | 2019 | 13 min.

Director: Dinesh Das Sabu

On the Oklahoma-Texas border, a small community of Sikh immigrants runs a truckstop. The film observes the rhythms of life in this diasporic community of mechanics, clerks, and drivers over the course of 24 hours. Time passes, some people remain, others leave.

Competing for the Wiley Blackwell Student Film Prize

Unwritten Letters | 2020 | 59 min.

Directors: Max Bloching, Abd Alrahman Dukmak

Abd is a 24-year-old Syrian who took part in the early days of the 2011 revolution and now lives in Padova, Italy. Together with his German friend Max he is working on a film called Unwritten Letters. As they work together on turning Abd’s reality in Italy into a film, Abd revisits his past and explores possible futures. The film documents the story of a young Syrian man arriving in Europe and the process of making sense of who he is through film and friendship.

Competing for the Wiley Blackwell Student Film Prize

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United States, Italy, Syrian Arab Republic