Shorts04 - Migration at the crossroads | 1 (2021)

  • Shorts Collection
  • 1h 2m


Questioning the representation of migrant experience

Ethereality | 2019 | 14 min.

Director: Gahigiri Kantarama

After being stranded in space for thirty years, how does it feel to finally come home? A reflection on migration and the sense of belonging.

Competing for the RAI & Marsh Short Film Prize

Forget Alberto for Now | 2020 | 19 min.

Director: Beina Xu

A small film crew tries to make a film about a refugee flying from Athens to Brussels on a fake passport by shooting the landscape of his transit. Things fall apart. and they film pigeons instead. To whom do stories belong, and who has the right to tell them?

Competing for the RAI & Marsh Short Film Prize

From There to Here | 2019 | 30 min.

Director: Teo Qi Yu

The film is an intimate documentary creating a portrait of grandfather through a series of anecdotes by people from different phases from his life. It follows him towards the end of his life as his last wishes is to have his body returned home.

Competing for the Wiley Blackwell Student Film Prize

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Switzerland, Rwanda, Greece, Germany, Singapore