Shorts03 - Pleasure (2021)

  • Shorts Collection
  • 1h 17m


Ground-breaking shorts exploring the world of sex and pleasure [NSFW! Contains adult content]

Come Here Come Here | 2019 | 28 min.

Director: Julia Sterre Schmitz

As a poetic manifesto for a more plural understanding of female sexuality, this associative film interweaves many theories, images, fantasies, memories and confusions drawn from popular culture, personal experience and experts. The film asks, who gets to produce sexual knowledge? How does one represent the unrepresentable?

Competing for the Wiley Blackwell Student Film Prize

Motels | 2020 | 27 min.

Director: Claudia F. Quigua

Have you ever been in a motel room with rounded beds, love chairs, coloured lights and dancing poles? This film explores a prominent yet often overlooked aspect of Colombian culture through the memories and experiences of motel occupants.

Competing for the Wiley Blackwell Student Film Prize

Oink! | 2020 | 22 min.

Director: Rob Eagle

An experimental research documentary offering a portrait of gay men who‚ in different ways‚ relate to the “pig” sexual imaginary. It provides insight into their experiences of identity, masculinity, community, belonging, sexual pleasure and intimacy.

Competing for the RAI & Marsh Short Film Prize

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Colombia, United Kingdom