Persistence (2019)

  • Main Competition
  • 54min


More than 60,000 people have gone missing in the violent drug wars that have gripped Mexico for over a decade. Many of these desaparecidos were kidnapped and buried, their bodies broken and scattered into pieces. However, for their families and loved ones, who are driven to search for what remains of their disappeared, every fragment brings the hope of a final homecoming. They have found through painstaking and heartbreaking efforts that human remains don’t simply disappear. This film follows affected families, police escorts and forensic anthropologists on a journey through Mexico’s landscapes of disappearance, between mass graves and forensic labs, into the emotional terrain of grief and determination. Against the odds they work in difficult conditions to recover even the smallest of traces in the hope that they can reconstruct and identify the remains as a known person.

Competing for the RAI Film Prize and Basil Wright Film Prize.

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