Palimpsest of the Africa Museum (2019)

  • Decolonising the Archive
  • 1h 9m


In 2013, the Royal Museum for Central Africa in Brussels (Belgium) closed for renovation. It is not only the building and the museum cabinets that are in need of renewal: the spirit of the museum has to be updated for our times. The process of decolonization leads to fierce discussions between museum staff and the group of Afro-descendent advisors employed to advise on the process.

A live Q&A with the filmmaker(s) will take place on Zoom on Tuesday 23 March, 18:30 - 18:55 UTC. Find a link to join the live discussion here.

You can read a review by Harriet Crisp about Matthias De Groof’s film, Palimpsest of the Africa Museum on our blog.

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