P27c - Colonial Film Archives (2021)

  • Conference Panel
  • 50min

Panel 27c - Colonial Film Archives: Interrogations and Interventions

Convenors: Emma Sandon (Birkbeck), Jacqueline Maingard (University of Bristol)

Short abstract: This panel invites contributions from film and audio-visual scholars, researchers, creative practitioners and archivists working in and with colonial film archives as a means of interrogating colonial histories.


  • Colonial Cinema and the Construction of Modern Indonesia Visual Culture
    Author: Harifa Siregar (Georgia State University)

  • Subtext of Colonialism in Nigeria, 2020: A Post-Mortem of the #EndSARS Lekki Toll Gate Massacre
    Author: Samantha Iwowo (Bournemouth University)

  • “Research / Souvenir (Dialogues)” - Film / 18 minutes / 2018
    Author: Roger Horn (HMKW University of Applied Sciences)

  • USEFUL DOCUMENTS (else, what is primary information)
    Author: Joseph Steele (U. Colorado Boulder)

Find the papers’ abstracts here.

A live discussion with the contributors will take place on Zoom 19-28 March. Please check the full schedule of live events and links to join here.

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