P16a - Global Black Lives Matter (2021)

  • Conference Panel
  • 1h 5m

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Panel 16a - Global Black Lives Matter: representations of resistance, memory and politics | Catalysis?

Convenors: Raminder Kaur (University of Sussex), Mariagiulia Grassilli (University of Sussex)

Short abstract: We explore representations and performances against racism as ‘catalytic signifiers’ that contribute to empowering narratives and uprisings, whilst investigating the ripple effects that re-thinking and reclaiming icons - films, statues, monuments, sounds etc. - have for social change and equality.


  • A Global Visual Journey of Black Lives Matter 2020
    Author: Mariagiulia Grassilli (University of Sussex)

  • The Spark that Ignites: Catalytic Signifiers for a Transformative and Performative Planetary Humanism
    Author: Raminder Kaur (University of Sussex)

  • Toppled statues - From catalysis to catharsis
    Author: Victoria Klinkert (SOAS)

A live discussion with the contributors will take place on Zoom on Sunday 28 March, 12:00 - 12:50 UTC+1. Find the roundtable abstract and a link to join the live discussion here.

Please note, we are taking Zoom security seriously to ensure a safe space for discussion. Everyone wishing to join the live discussion will need to have a verified Zoom account. Sign up for free here.

Background image: “We must change the world”, Black Lives Matter protest. Photograph by Raminder Kaur.

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