P12a - Immersive Ethnography (2021)

  • Conference Panel
  • 50min

Panel 12a - Immersive Ethnography: Authorship, Agency and Collaboration in VR and 360 video

Convenors: Rossella Schillaci (UT Austin Colab - Nova University of Lisbon, University of Texas at Austin), Mark Westmoreland (Leiden University)

Short abstract: How emerging technologies could expand methodological approaches for visual anthropological research? Session 1: Experimental Techniques


  • Collapsing Scales: Entering Relations
    Author: Ezekiel Morgan

  • Conducting Interview Scene in Cine-VR
    Author: Zul Tinarbuko (Ohio University), Adonis Durado (Ohio University), Tom Burton (Ohio University)

  • Immersive Encounters with Developmental Trauma
    Author: Juliet Brown (UCL)

Find the papers’ abstracts here.

A live discussion with the contributors will take place on Zoom 19-28 March. Please check the full schedule of live events and links to join here.

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