P11 - Social movements, protest, social justice & creativity (2021)

  • Conference Panel
  • 50min

Panel 11 - Social movements, protest, social justice & creativity

Convenor: José Sherwood

Short abstract: This panel explores creative and collective practices that promote positive social and cultural change in the context of social movements, protests and social justice.


  • Fighting urban common land appropriation by capital owners. A community self-organized initiative to create an urban arts and labor commons in Buenos Aires
    Author: Ana Inés Heras (LICH UNSAM CONICET and Instituto para la Incl. Soc. y el Desarrollo Humano)

  • Story of Mirrors: Before the Revolution
    Author: José Sherwood

  • How the Sonorous Splits the Political Subjectivity: Fetishizing-Listening and Affective Ritornellos of 2019 Protests in Moscow
    Author: Dmitrii Bochkov (Central European University)

  • The narratives of the neocrust subgenre in A Coruña and the creation of a dissident ethos
    Author: Estefanía Tarrío (University of A Coruña)

Find the papers’ abstracts here.

A live discussion with the contributors will take place on Zoom 19-28 March. Please check the full schedule of live events and links to join here.