Milano Milanovac & Make a Silence (2021)

  • Ethnomusicology
  • 1h 18m


Make a Silence | 2019 | 29 min.

Director: Barley Norton

A sensory feast of musical and visual exploration, featuring sound art, underground music and free improvisation as performed at the Hanoi New Music Festival 2018.

Milano Milanovac | 2021 | 49 min.

Director: Elisa Piria

The film follows the life of Kristina, an extraordinary Serbian professional violinist. Music is everything in her family, any time is good for playing and everyone plays a musical instrument. But Kristina cannot join her family’s wedding band: folk music in Serbia is a man’s world, and is considered a job unfit for a woman. So she pursues a new musical life in Milan, where she balances work in retail with the musical ambitions that take her to new heights in recording studios and concert halls.

Part of Music Docs, competing for the Ethnomusicology Film Award, in association with the British Forum for Ethnomusicology.

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Vietnam, Serbia, Italy