Keynote by Faye Ginsburg (2020)

  • Keynote
  • 60min


Indigenous Media and Archival Imaginaries

This talk considers archives created by Indigenous mediamakers who, over the last three decades, have produced an astonishing array of work – from documentary to feature films to animation to VR, generating and drawing on invaluable film legacies in the process. Indigenous archives are “good to think with”, provoking us to recognise alternative protocols, resignify settler colonial archives, restore fragile legacies and consider how we, as academic allies, might help sustain Indigenous media collections. The talk will highlight examples that demonstrate these efforts, drawing in particular on Ginsburg’s long-standing work with First Nations/Inuit media makers in Canada and Australia.

Faye Ginsburg, David B. Kriser Professor and Director of the Center for Media, Culture and History at New York University. Prizewinning author/editor whose research focuses on movements for social transformation- from her early work on abortion activists, to her longstanding research on indigenous media, to her current work on cultural innovation and learning disabilities.

Live Q&As with Ginsburg will take place on Zoom 19-28 March. Find the full schedule of live events and links to join here