Global Racialisations shorts (2021)

  • Global Racialisations
  • 1h 42m


Affects and Imaginaries of Racialisation

The Changing Same | 2018 | 22 min.

Directors: Joe Brewster, Michèle Stephenson

“In the Florida Panhandle lies the town of Marianna, where one resident runs a particular marathon in the hope of lifting the veil of racial terror caused by the town’s buried history. “

Emails to my Little Sister | 2018 | 35 min.

Director: Solomon Mekonen

An autoethnographic phenomenology of blackness in Berlin via Ethiopia. The film explores the historical and ongoing relationship between the so-called West and Africa. A brother who lives north of the Mediterranean and a sister south of it discover what that relationship entails and how it affects and shapes their lives.

Competing for the Wiley Blackwell Student Film Prize

Cry Out Loud | 2019 | 43 min.

Directors: Ethiraj Gabriel Dattatreyan and Tusbax Crew

This film explores African life in an urban village in Delhi from the perspective of five young men from Somalia who call the village their home. Together Dattatreyan and the group of young men (the Tusbax Crew) collaboratively fashion a narrative that puts the violence directed at African nationals residing in the village into complex perspective. An early version of the film was screened in community centres, art galleries, and universities in the US and India in 2015 and 2016, to facilitate discussions on anti-Black racism and Afro-Asian solidarities in the global south.

A pre-recorded conversation between the curators and the filmmakers is available here.

Strand curated by Yasmin Fedda and Ethiraj Gabriel Dattatreyan.


United States, Ethiopia, Germany