Fireball (2020)

  • Lifetime Achivement Award
  • 1h 37m


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This film takes us on an extraordinary journey to discover how shooting stars, meteorites and deep impacts have focused the human imagination on other realms and worlds, and on our past and our future.

Fireball explores the fascinating and entangled nature and culture of meteorites, shooting stars, deep impacts and craters. Meteorites are the oldest relics we have ever touched and, along with the fireballs that propelled them to our planet, they have sparked human imagination and awe throughout history and prehistory. Werner Herzog and Clive Oppenheimer take us on an extraordinary journey across the continents to discover the meaning of these messages from the stars. We follow the filmmakers as they join the South Korean research team hunting for meteorites on the blue ice plateau of Antarctica; learn of the reverence held for fireballs and craters by Aboriginal peoples of Australia; and meet the Pope’s astronomer, who curates a historic meteorite collection at the Vatican Observatory. Throughout the journey, Herzog and Oppenheimer meditate on heaven and the heavens, life’s origins and evolution, and our destiny.

A pre-recorded conversation between Andrè Singer and Angela Piccini is available here.

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Werner Herzog

Bonus Content

Interview with André Singer

An interview with Fireball producer André Singer, by Angela Piccini.