Filmmaking for Fieldwork (2021)

  • Talk
  • 1h 5m


To mark the recent publication of Filmmaking for fieldwork: a practical handbook by Andy Lawrence (University of Manchester) we are hosting a conversation between the author and Jennifer Cool (University of Southern California), drawing on their extensive experience teaching students how to make ethnographic films.

Designed for researchers seeking new ways to explore their field and media professionals aiming to extend their practice, the handbook shows you how to plug into issues at the intersection of documentary cinema and ethnography. Exploring the unique potential of filmmaking to describe lifeworlds and the role of video editing in generating new ideas about human experience, it offers practical and theoretical advice for those making their first films. Based on over twenty years of teaching and industry experience, Filmmaking for fieldwork aims inspire the development of core skills in camera use, sound recording and editing that can be applied to sensory, observational, participatory, reflexive and immersive modes of storytelling. Written for a multi-disciplinary audience, this book covers all stages necessary to produce a documentary film, from conception through to preparation, production, editing and distribution.

Organised in partnership with: Granada Centre for Visual AnthropologyFilmmaking for Fieldwork

Filmmaking For Fieldwork™ (F4F) is also the name of educational short courses and project work established in 2009 as an extension of Andy’s work at the Granada Centre for Visual Anthropology at the University of Manchester.

Join our short courses in audio-visual research methods and documentary filmmaking or find out how we can help you with your project here.

Filmmaking For Fieldwork: a practical handbook is available in print and Ebook from all good booksellers. For more information and bulk purchase please contact Manchester University Press. Also available on Amazon.