Elder's Corner (2020)

  • Ethnomusicology
  • 1h 36m


From the colourful, celebratory sounds of Juju to the politicized urgency of Afrobeat, Nigerian musicians have spearheaded some of Africa’s most prominent musical movements. For over a decade, musician and producer Siji Awoyinka tracked down and recorded the stories of Nigeria’s long-forgotten music pioneers. In interviews and intimate studio sessions, film-maker and musicians retrace the collective journeys that mirror that of the nation through its triumphs and upheavals. The film is a voyage of return and discovery, an epic tale of survival, using music to reconnect the past to the present.

This film will only be available in the UK & USA.

Part of Music Docs, competing for the Ethnomusicology Film Award, in association with the British Forum for Ethnomusicology.

A live Q&A with the filmmaker(s) will take place on Zoom on Saturday 20 March, 18:00 - 18:25 UTC. Find a link to join the live discussion here.

You can read a review by Matt Langley about Siji Awoyinka’s film, Elder’s Corner on our blog.

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Siji Awoyinka



Bonus Content

Director's introduction
Siji Awoyinka in conversation

Elder’s Corner filmmaker interviewed by Matt Langley