A Colombian Family (2020)

  • Main Competition
  • 1h 20m

A powerful mother-daughter drama is at the centre of this film. Rooted in disagreement—both personal and political—the film follows the consequences of a war that leaves them with an impossible choice. When a peace agreement between the FARC rebel movement and the Colombian government looks as though it will put an end to half a century of conflict, 30-year-old Yira visits her mother in Colombia after spending 10 years in exile in Cuba. Yira has become a mother and wants to give her daughter the family life she never had. She confronts her mother, Ruby, with accusations of a neglected childhood in the shadow of her parents’ political struggles and persecution. But Ruby can’t let go of her political ideals. As the peacetime death toll continues to rise, Ruby is faced with a difficult dilemma. If she chooses her daughter, she gives up on her people.

Competing for the RAI Film Prize and Basil Wright Film Prize.

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